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S M I L E ~ 웃어요
03 March 2010 @ 12:33 pm

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S M I L E ~ 웃어요
30 November 2009 @ 02:37 am
3 days since the big 2 1

But it doesn't seem any different. -_-

Maybe it's just me I don't know.
I mean i should have been excited right??
Why does it not feel any different??/ I HAVE NO IDEA.

I kind of feel like a loser...
Eating puffed rice crackers in my dorm room like a loser -_-

Eh... I have Japanese class in the morning...
I was watching thsk and trax stuff today and I don't know anything...
damn... I'm DUMB =_=;

I don't know... kanji is evil I have decided.
And it seems like everyone else in the world knows Japanese except me. =_=

S M I L E ~ 웃어요
28 September 2009 @ 04:46 pm
Went to a crazy birthday party -_-;;;
Eh... girls are... eh...
and the boys are... animals... WHATEVER


And today I was watching him on some show and... god...
Even when he sings.............
Is he trying to tell everyone something???

Or maybe one of the other 2PM boys.
But because of the event, they had to go into seclusion. ~_~;;;
UGH... WHY???
I really don't know........

Ga-in's going to be like... effin 'mosexual... get outta my face >>;
LOL No she won't. She's cute. But she'll be thinking it.
I'm just... =_=;;; UGH. I can't function for the rest of the day.

I'm gonna... go shower or something -_-
S M I L E ~ 웃어요
04 September 2009 @ 12:21 am

Just got back from a party offcampus -_-

Ugh seriously wtf was that??

There were no drinks and I saw people I didn't want to see. =_=
UGH. UGH . UGH. I'm so mad.

And even the people I went with... UGH

Now I'm just going to sit here and eat my Charleston Chew. Cause OMFG WTF =_=
I need to get the taste of bad beer out of my mouth.

Can't wait till next Wednesday~
Amy's birthday! ^^ We'll have a proper party them.

But for right now ._. DARK CHOCOLATE POCKY.
Everyone knows only women eat DARK CHOCOLATE.

S M I L E ~ 웃어요
25 August 2009 @ 02:28 pm
What have I gotten myself into lately...

I'm going back to school next week tomorrow.
Oh jezuz....

I spent all summer going to school and now I'm going back. I have had no ME time.
But then I realized that when I have Me time... I'm kind of really bored. -_-
There's nothing in this new house yet so.... I'm just... sitting in front of the TV, eating...
LIKE A FATASS. But HEY I'm actually supposed to be pulling weeds out of the front yard cause my dad said he'll get me a new phone if I finish -_- But what am I doing?

and reflecting my day in this overly bright room because this house has TOO MANY WINDOWS and it's FRIGGEN HOT.
I don't even know.

-Fandom :S-

I love Taek even though he has crazy expressions and is a fashion terrorist -_-
And Woodongyoung~~~ Ssanti loll Whatever. He's got a nice butt and lips :D
Junho T___T Please don't speak English. You sound just like Rain. It actually scares me. 
The incriminating clip: "Hello. My name is 2PM...!!!" (JUST WATCH FOR THE LOLZ)
Junsu. ^^ Fellow Daegu person~ <3 I love you even though you're a chatterbox ㅡㅡ;
Khun ~__~ I heard he looks like a God in human form. LOL I don't know about that but KHUNNNNN <3
Chansung ._. I liked you better in Highkick but magnae... @_@;; Stop licking people.
I think 2pm has a biting problem -_- BITE ME. LOL.

Watching Shinee M/Vs is like.... an acid trip of arms and feet flailing around.
I swear... I don't know what people find sexy about that....
But I have to admit... they are handsome. ._.
Whether that's because they got it fixed or not...
>>;; noona power LOL *DIES*

What's with all the girl groups coming out lately???
Yes I've fallen for the "Tell me your wish" by SNSD and 4 Minute's "HOT ISSUE" T-T OH GOD. I am such a drone.
It's Hyuna I swear. I've got like a unni crush on her or something... Like with Park Hanbyul T-T She dated Se7en for 7 years (LOL) and omg her shoulder ._. SO SEXY! =_= There's something wrong with me. LOL. I just want to spam my page with the 400+ pictures I have saved of her but yeah... NO. I had to make a new Suju photobucket because I maxed out my old one -_-; UGH. LOL I already used up 336 MB XD And my old account has 882MB >>;; snap..;;; I need to move like 382MB more... LOL >>;;;;;

Okay enough rambling...
Need to pull weeds....
I want a new phone *_* Mwhahahahaha

S M I L E ~ 웃어요
Barely alive.;;

Last semester DRAINED me. T___T SERIOUSLY.
ALL 300 classes and 1 400 level class.
I... seriously.... wanted to cry sometimes.

I feel like such a failure. -____- and seriously by finals I was like EFF ALL OF THIS.

Of course I didn't.... I didn't sleep for... 3 days straight... Maybe about 2 hours each night?

Actually the last day I didn't sleep at ALL.
I passed out while writing my essay in class -_-;
The teacher came back and I SWEAR he was looking at me with my passed out self. Seriously, my head was on the desk, eyes closed, cap over my head. -_________- I must have looked like I was cheating. But he probably saw me and just shook his head like "-_- stupid student" and then went back to the front. LOL.

Well I got a B in his class so.......... YAY!! I SURVIVED THAT HELL OF A CLASS~!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU PROFESSOR KIM!! I know you think me and Trac are stupid but XDDDDDD <3!

Now to worry about.... the rest of my classes -_-;;; Needing 3 grades.
If in one of them I do good, I'll do good in the other class. The last class... I did pretty well until the final which I handed in late and... kind of makeshift SUCKY. So...;; I don't know. -_- I imagine... HONESTLY....

AAS 391.1: A - C (-_-;)
AAS 391.6: A - C (same)
AAS 392 : B-B+?

~___________________________~ FAILURE


So... in... fandom world....

I'm too busy with IRL crap to be dealing with that. Seriously. All I care about though is 2PM. >_>;;
I EFFING LOVE Again and Again and now... 2NE1's Fire. (I BLAME YOU SOHEE UNNI! >_<!)
As if Lollipop wasn't bad enough >_>;;

I officially... want... Taekyeon, Khun, Jaebum, Junsu (in that order) ... actually... I love all of them!!!! KYA *fangirlscream*
-___-; LET ME HAVE MY BURST OF FANGIRL MOMENT. I've been deprived for SO long.


I love... Trax Jay ._. Seriously... LOVE HIM. <3
I'm rediscovering my love for Shinhwa -.- My first official fandom LOL.
Kim Heechul is such a b**** <333 (or at least... mine is XD)
Hanbyul why are you so sexy? T___T I want your body!!!! I still like you even though you're dating Se7en.
Teuk why're you such a pushover -_- grow a backbone.


Other news, Starbucks at school sucks~
Why is it still so hot and musky in there -_- damn.
I'm really... just sick of school... one more year left psh...

I gotta take summer classes at SB Manhattan >_>
I realized I didn't have any classes in Javits this semester O_o woh. LOL AWESOME <3
I need to raise my GPA. I'm stupid. -_-;

=_= okay I need to stop being random. okay.


I'm officially hooked -_- I've passed the point of no return.

I love Kyoto. mMm I do :D

S M I L E ~ 웃어요
05 January 2009 @ 11:25 am
So... guess what kept me up ALL night last night?

THIS... IS... JUST...

Jungmo-nim... Don't cry too much because of it huh?

S M I L E ~ 웃어요
12 December 2008 @ 01:11 am
Okay. Here we go.
Another update.
I sound so depressed these days. -_- wth is wrong with me?


I've been bummed out lately because of school but everything is okay now!
I suppose;;

I want to sub something but there is nothing to sub.

I don't want to sub Heechul + Hongki daddy because the episodes I saw are all slow and boring -_-;

I mean I should since I'm not doing anything lately anyway... but...
Ugh... That show bores me to NO end.

One or two funny jokes but that's it.
The pilot is 300x better. >_<
ugh...; sorry. but... yeah..

My fics are all sad. I should try making a happy fic forreal.
But what does it matter >_>; Nobody reads it anyway...
My writing does kind of suck doesn't it?
Eh... Yeah.

This is turning out to be another sucky post.
I'll conclude it here and edit it as time passes. >_>;
S M I L E ~ 웃어요
25 November 2008 @ 12:09 pm
My birthday is tomorrow...

I should be excited. I think I am.
Ah I feel like such a little kid.

I'm being picky and everyone knows that so I actually know all the presents that everyone is getting me cause they're like "I don't want to get you anything, you might not like."
I'm just like "... -_- But now the surprise is ruined."
And they're like "... Sorry?" or my other friend "You're too damn picky that's why!"

My friend said she got me Harajuku something on the phone and I'm like
*in the middle of work, running around changing paper, then going back on the comp. to finish the Mac Basics quiz* "What? Huh? Yeah Sure?"
And later I was like "She bought me a bag?" >_>; "Ah well I can live with that."
Then on the way back to the dorm, *past 12 and rainy and freezing* "Does Harajuku make bags? -_- Yeah... But wait they wouldn't buy me a bag... ~_~;"

So I knock on her door. "You got me perfume???"
And she's like "Yeah."
I'm like O.o "Heh." The exact reaction on my face. And she's like "Why?!"
I'm like "I don't know if I'll like it. -_-;"

No haha just kidding.
I had to make her group project video for her. -.-
I learned new skills. (thanks you coolsmurf) HAHA.

I told my cousin "I want a camcorder" and now she's trying to find one.
One she thinks is "perfect" because I wouldn't like it otherwise.
I'm like "........GREAT!"


Maybe I am a selfish ho after all...;


I've been writing sad/insanity fics. -_-
I think I should just go back to the crazy fics. Heh.

Please come to NY, Madison Square Garden.
So that I may partake in the eye candy that is you.

I was nagging to my old roommate and I think she got a little pissed. :X
Ah... well... it's all out of love...;

And that's when I die (forreal). >_>;
S M I L E ~ 웃어요
22 November 2008 @ 11:50 pm
I've been on hiatus for way too long.
I just don't want to do anything anymore.
Translating... School... Work...
Don't want to do anything.
I'm ready to just give up...

I sound so depressing. -__-
Agh. Tonight is just one of those cold nights...
When you just feel especially lonely.

I only have the warmth of my electric blanket...
Ah. I'm so sad.


너무 힘들어...
나 어떡해? 이대로 살고싶지 안아.
누구나 좀 구해줘라. 제발...

못살 만큼 아파.
아파서 죽을거같에...


Birthday is in a few days...
Hope I feel better by then.

아니면... 나 어쩌지?